Krypton Factor meets Blue Peter!

After a very big cardboard bike box, was split into 2, we then dismantled and packaged our trusty steeds up ready for the long but easy journey home. Not sure will get out Blue Peter badge though!

It felt like we weren’t giving them the respect they deserve after looking after us so well. However at this point I think we are all (us, Dalmation and Annabelle, and bikes) at the point where we don’t care how we get home as long as it’s not cycling!

We have spare rolls of gaffer tape on hand and will no doubt be visiting Peter at Just Bikes in Ashby for some assistance once home depending on how the journey goes! It’s just one more step towards getting home.

Lets hope we pass airport packing conditions……

Richard and Angela


1 thought on “Krypton Factor meets Blue Peter!

  1. An enormous well done to both of you, fantastic feat and wonderful achievement.
    Entertaining daily blogs gave us a good insight.
    Rob and Janet

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