Holiday in Rome

Dalmationio and Annabella are really enjoying exploring Rome, and are starting to get a little bit over excited after all the ice cream they have eaten!

We are all going into the Colosseum tomorrow, and they will be able to spend their pocket money on souvenirs…….who will they be for we wonder.

We will be sending a final blog on Friday when we fly back home (yes we did say fly!) so watch this space.

Also for those of you who have been involved in previous conversations when we have said we will be cycling back from Birmingham Airport as it would be great to cycle back into Ashby……..well what a daft idea that was. We will be getting a taxi!!

Richard and Angela


3 thoughts on “Holiday in Rome

  1. Wow what an amazing achievement. I am a little jealous of all the cycling you have done (Steve). Hope it not put you off biking as we would love to see you at Hicks. Beers at the Plough on order when you ready.
    Once again very well done and enjoy the rest.

    Steve an Judy xx

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