Day 23 – Siena to Bolsena

On our penultimate day of the cycle challenge, we were met with a glorious cloudy sky as we set off on an early start. It was sad to say goodbye to Siena, such a beautiful place but alas a new destination awaits us.

With a long day of 72 miles ahead there was no sit back and relax attitude, we knew it was going to test us, but we were ready to embrace it all as very soon it would all be just a memory. It was a nice steady downhill from Siena, and soon the scenery became typical of the Tuscan countryside, golden rolling hills and picturesque houses. The sun eventually came out and turned the heat up incredibly, but we constantly kept a look out for some passing clouds to give us some relief. The roads were undulating for most of the day, with a couple of steeper climbs which included some of our favourite switchback bends…..all easy stuff really!!

Throughout the morning we were cycling in the heart of the countryside with very few places to pass through. It was just big Tuscan farm houses in the middle of nowhere, and we were running out of water and desperate for food. Very isolated compared to previous days. After a couple if tunnels, we were starting to feel fatigued and were looking for anywhere for a stop off for lunch. We cycled for miles until we came across a busy little bar/cafe where we enjoyed a fine feast of pasta, ice cream and coffee which set us up for the final leg of 20 miles.

On our way again, there was a build up of clouds in the sky……..yipee! However as we got closer to Bolsena the clouds got heavier and darker. We picked up our speed (a little) but the roads in the afternoon were atrocious to say the least. For the most part we were cycling in the middle of our half of the road. No kidding that one false move could have been a disaster.

About 10 miles to go and we could hear rumbles and crackles of thunder nearby. We were now on a downhill but bumpy road to Bolsena Lake, when suddenly the rain leapt out of the sky in buckets. Sheltering under a tree until it passed, we then continued into Bolsena, not too wet considering.

Our hotel was on the lake front, and today’s picture was a view from our terrace.

So, tomorrow is our last day of cycling. Very mixed emotions; tiredness and ready to stop, elation, and hints of sadness that it will soon be over. We are sure that tomorrow will be filled with adrenaline to get us through the 70 miles in order to achieve our goal. Seeing lots of roads signs today for Roma, we were very strong in pushing them to one side, but are now more than ready to welcome the signs to our final destination, and for each revolution of the pedal to take us to Roma. The Colosseumin Rome will be our final point, so watch this space………

Quote of the day:
A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could, because someone else thought they could. (‘Zig Ziglar’)

Richard and Angela


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